Tour Diary – Part 1



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Sir Augustus Jones in casual pose

The first day of tour went off without a ‘Hitch’, with an easy ride onto the ferry and no problems allocating rooms to each of the boys! The main event of the day was awarding each of the boys their tour ‘role’s by our esteemed social committee, led by arguably the most incompetent Team Secretary ever (T-Rex), notably giving our ‘baby of the team’ his very own baby, which was reported missing within 2 minutes and ensuring there will be a ‘Ferret Watch’ for the tour. There will be more to follow on this note. Fat club has also got off to a promising start with a total of two members turning up for their 830 appointment. News just in, there has been a reported mysterious disappearance of the Ferret’s wallet, the main suspect being Gus Jones (picture attached) who may have added it to his ‘bed of money’. Further news on this potentially diplomatic incident to follow.

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