Oxford University Touch Series Kicks Off



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The touch season at Oxford University kicked off on Saturday at Iffley road.

Over 150 students made up twenty teams, who contested in preliminary pools to determine seeding for the on going league structure for the remainder of term.

The results left the league structure going forward as follows (as you can see, the appreciation of a questionable pun is strong in the touch rugby players of The University):


  1. Osler 2
  2. Wu Tag Clan
  3. No Woman No Try
  4. Hugo’s Team
  5. Jesus All stars


  1. Teddy Hall 1
  2. Lincoln 1
  3. Lincoln 2
  4. Osler 1
  5. #OXYLYF

National 1

  1. Teddy Hall 2
  2. Exeter
  3. Touching Cloth
  4. Hertford
  5. Red Hot Chilli Steppers

National 2

  1. LMH
  2. Regents Swans
  3. The Criminal Touch
  4. The Midas Touch
  5. Multiple Scoregasms

There will be a National League 3 formed from the latecomers to the competition, of which, we already have 4. The aim at present is to try to push towards 200 members of the University playing touch each Saturday morning.

The touch program works on the same concept as last year, 6-a-side, mixed, maximum of 2 regular XV a side players per team and minimum of 1 woman per team. As such the figures of 150 touch players actually read very nicely with regards to introducing both novices and women to the game.

Fingers crossed for sun on Saturdays!

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