Osler House 2nd Team Capture O2 Touch League Title



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The Victorious Osler House 2's

This weekend saw the culmination of a 6 week touch league at Oxford University.

The league was run as a slightly adapted version of the RFU O2 Touch program, pushing for novice particpation in the game.

26 teams entered into 5 leagues with promotion and relegation week on week. Teams were mixed and had to comprised of two thirds novices (or those not playing regular XV a side rugby). Attendance fluctuated with the weather, as one would expect, but at times over 200 students graced the field at Iffley road.

Osler House, the clinical medicine contingent clinched the overall title with a dominant display in the ‘Premiership’.

This week see’s the touch offer at Oxford University take knockout form in a draw of 32 with 3 tiers, come back next week to find out whether Osler House are able to do the coveted Oxford University Touch Double……. a feat never before achieved!

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