OUWRFC Announce Blues & Panthers Squads for the 2015 Varsity Matches



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OUWRFC celebarte victory in the 2014 Varsity Match

On Monday night in the OURFC Pavilion, Captain Tessina Braunerova officially announced the Blues and Panthers squads to take on Cambridge in the 2015 Varsity Matches at Grange Road on Saturday 7th March, the Panthers kicking off at 11.00am and the Blues at 2.30pm. Last year saw Oxford achieve their second ‘double’ in a row, with the Blues making it three-in-a-row and they will be looking for a repeat performance on Saturday, whilst recognising it will be a tough ask on ‘Foreign’ soil!


1. Helen Lamb  (Trinity ) 2. Rebecca Cavanagh (Jesus ) 3. Jesse Van der Grient * (Green Templeton ) 4. Emily Coleridge (Lady Margaret Hall) 5. Christina Haddad (Lady Margaret Hall) 6. Rachel Drapper (Queen’s ) 7. Anna Bidgood * (St.Anne’s) 8. Claudia Wack (Kellog ) 9. Carly Bliss * (St Edmund Hall) 10. Catherine Wilcock (Wadham) 11. Emily Stone (Hertford ) 12. Tatiana Cutts * (Keble ) 13. Tess Braunerova * (St Edmund Hall) 14. Elise Nunn (Worcester ) 15. Reem Hafez * (Green Templeton )

Replacements: 16. Elizabeth Nuttall (Hertford ) 17. Anna Maguire (Jesus ) 18. Susannah Redmayne (St Hilda’s) 19. Maria Lamont (St Anne’s) 20. Anna Herrmann (Lincoln ) 21. Apphia Jack (New ) 22. Caitlin McArdle (St Peter’s)

* Denotes Blue


1 Georgia Haughney 2 George Haggett 3 Polly Krabbe 4 Alyssa Middleton 5 Anna Maguire 6 Caitlin McArdle 7 Jess Kempner 8 Natalie Guest 9 Madi Davies 10 Jo Dombrowski 11 Imogen Duffy 12 Apphia Jack 13 Hannah Staveley 14 Blathnaid McCullagh 15 Sophie Vaggers

Replacements: 16 Elizabeth Nuttall 17 Susannah Redmayne 18 Maria Lamont 19 Anna Herrmann 20 Rachel Wilcock 21 Elizabeth Debski 22 Cyan Koay

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