WURC Fixture Dates & Times Confirmed



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OURFC Captain George Messum & Team Secretary Henry Lamont with the WURC draw

Pool Draw and Pool Fixture Schedule

Pool 1                                                                           

Oxford University (OURFC)

University of Cape Town (UCT)

Waseda University (WU)

OU Greyhounds (OUG)

Pool 2

NZ Universities (NZU)

Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

University of British Columbia (UBC)

Siberian Federal University (SFU)





Match day 1 – Tuesday 15th September

St Edward’s School, Oxford – 40 minute matches

Pitch 1                                                   Pitch 2      

1300 UCT v OUG                                         1300 TCD v SFU

1400 OURFC v WU (played Sunday)                 1400 NZU v UBC

1530 OURFC v OUG                                     1530 NZU v SFU

1630 UCT v WU                                        1630 TCD v UBC

Match Day 2 – Friday 18th September

St Edward’s School, Oxford – 40 minute matches

Pitch 1                                        Pitch 2

0930 OURFC v UCT                         0930 NZU v TCD

1030 WU v OUG                                1030 UBC v SFU

Following the completion of the pool matches at St Edward’s School, the teams will relocate to Iffley Road for the play-off matches and finals as follows:

Friday 18th September – Play-offs, 40 minute matches

1430 P/O 1 4th in pool 1 v 3rd in pool 2

1530 P/O 2 3rd in pool 1 v 4th in pool 2

1630 P/O 3 2nd in pool 1 v 1st in pool 2

1730 P/O 4 1st in pool 1 v 2nd in pool 2

Match Day 3 – Sunday 20th September

Iffley Road – 7th/8th Place Final, 60 minute match

1300 Loser of P/O 1 v Loser of P/O 2

Iffley Road – 5th/6th Place Final, 60 minute match

1430 Winner of P/O 1 v Winner of P/O 2

Match Day 4 – Monday 21st September

Iffley Road – Finals, 60 minute matches

3rd/4th Place Final

1500 Loser of P/O 3 v Loser of P/O 4

1st/2nd Place Final

1630 Winner of P/O 3 v Winner of P/O 4

Tickets are now on sale for all the matches at Iffley Road, £5 for adults and £2 for concessions which covers entry for all three days.

For more information please call 01865 432000.

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