North Wales Training Camp Diary – Part 2



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Enjoying the sea front in Llandudno

The Second day of the training camp started very early with a trip to the beach for a morning ‘stretch.’ Quickly, however it became apparent we would be stretching our bodies a bit more strenuously.  Split into teams we had to blow up a our beach lilo and carry each player in the group over a long distance. Now with around nine people for each group this may have seen a relatively stress free challenge, however having two of our heavier residents in one group in ‘Feed the Ferg’ Fergus and our resident tight head Ian ‘BGI’ Williams,  meant our communication was essential, despite uprooting  second Row Johny Marsden head first instead of feet first the groups came through unscathed and onto the next challenge in the water.

Growing up I watched Jaws, rather foolishly at a younger age than I should have. Ignorance is bliss in many adversities and this was no exception; running and swimming through the ocean was a rather chilly affair, but on the whole rather refreshing. Unbeknownst to our party however,  lurking in the shadows bore a rather large bloom of jellyfish. The group fought on fearlessly with their task and despite a few stings here and there the group was in a fine mood, ready to start our first full days training.

The group had a couple of hours downtime in which to explore the town. Llandudno itself is incredibly picturesque, and the locals did inform us that we had brought the weather with us (we certainly did not bring it from Oxford!).

Onto the afternoon session which involved skills and gym. The guys were finding their rhythm in the set piece and first phase attacking structures. More downtime offered an opportunity for our training roles to be further realized, Will Thornton had been earmarked very early in the proceedings, this was reflected by being named in the infamous role that requires  that we keep a special eye on him.  Wearing his scrum hat and gum shield at meal times ensured that the group can rest easy whilst tucking into some grub.

The final session of the day involved a ‘live’ training session with the local rugby team RGC. It was great to get a physical run out against a semi-professional outfit, the group’s intensity on the field was notable and we finished the session with plenty to work on but equally happy with where we are compared to previous years. After some food the guys were noticeably tired from a very busy day, Mr Williams was seen almost falling asleep into his pasta and was a cue to get some shut eye. Tomorrow we would build on what we had achieved today and bring ourselves closer as a group through each and every training session.

Dark Blue and Out


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