2015 Varsity Match Squads Announced



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Henry Lamont in action in the recenn Major Stanley's Match

Monday night at the Vincent’s Club saw the traditional team announcements for the various OURFC Varsity teams ;this year for the first time ever it included the Women’s Blues squad who play their Varsity Match at Twickenham as the curtain raiser to the Varsity at 11.30am. Unfortunately the Whippets will not have a Varsity Match this year as Cambridge are not running men’s 3rd XV so will entertain a Bristol University side as a curtain raiser to the Greyhounds v LX Club at Iffley Road on Wednesday 2nd December.

Centre Henry Lamont, winning his fourth Blue, will lead the Blues out at Twickenham in the absence of OURFC Captain George Messum and he will be joined as a four time Blue by fellow centre Matt Janney and wing Henry Hughes, whilst prop Lewis Anderson sets a new Varsity record by gaining his sixth Blue.

Men’s Blues v Cambridge 2.30pm on Thursday 10th December at Twickenham

15           Matt Geiger St Catherine’s

14           Henry Hughes * Magdalen

13           Matt Janney * Oriel

12           Henry Lamont * New

11           Tom Stileman St Peter’s

10           George Cullen * Kellogg

9              Henry de Berker * Green Templeton


1              Lewis Anderson * Trinity

2              Richie Halpin Lady Margaret Hall

3              Ian Williams * Kellogg

4              Fergus Taylor * St Catherine’s

5              Andrew Grant Kellogg

6              Nic Roberts-Huntley Green Templeton

7              Will Wilson Keble

8              Fraser Heathcote * St Edmund Hall


16           Will Thornton Lady Margaret Hall

17           Hugo Lu University

18           Kieran Ball Trinity or James Scaife * Linacre

19           Graeme MacGilchrist * University

20           Will Thomas Wadham

21           James Faktor Kellogg

22           Andrew Abraham * Regent’s Park

23           Ed David St Hilda’s

*Denotes Blue

Travelling reserve Guy Fairburn Queen’s

Women’s Blues v Cambridge 11.30am on Thursday 10th December at Twickenham

15           Sophie Trott Wadham

14           Helen Potts Exeter

13           Emily Stone * Hertford

12           Helena Copley Keble

11           Melissa Grant Exeter

10           Catherine Wilcock * Wadham

9              Carly Bliss * St Edmund Hall


1              Sophie Behan St Edmund Hall

2              Anna Bidgood * University

3              Cecilia Peker St John’s

4              Leanne Robinson Keble

5              Elmarie van Heerden Lady Margaret Hall

6              Abi Willett St Hilda’s

7              Ellen O’Connell * St Anne’s

8              Jesse van der Grient * Green Templeton


16           Jessica Kempner Pembroke

17           Simisola Oyesanya Christ Church

18           Helen Lamb * Trinity

19           Sophie Taylor St Hilda’s

20           Caitlin McArdle Green Templeton

21           Ioan Harrop Green Templeton

22           Maria Lamont St Anne’s

23           Imogen Duffy Oriel

*Denotes Blue

Travelling reserve Rachel Wilcock Exeter


Greyhounds v Cambridge  3.30pm at Iffley Rd on Wednesday 2nd December

15           Will Dace Hertford

14           Ali Adams-Cairns St Edmund Hall

13           Jonny Philpott Worcester

12           Oli Shorthose St Hilda’s

11           Alex Corry Merton

10           Basil Strang * St Stephen’s House (Capt)

9              Tom Kershaw Worcester


1              James Scaife * Linacre

2              Will Thornton Lady Margaret Hall

3              Kieran Ball Trinity

4              George Vaughan Worcester

5              Johny Marsden St Hilda’s

6              Ralph Weir * Wadham

7              George Messum * St Anne’s

8              Jacob Goss New


16           Ed Hart St Edmund Hall

17           Dean Irvine St Catherine’s

18           Noah Miller St Peter’s

19           Hugo McPherson Lady Margaret Hall

20           Dan Radigan St Anne’s

21           Seb Haddock St Edmund Hall

22           Rory Trevalyn-Thomas St Hilda’s

23           James Bennington Lincoln

* Denotes Blue


Whippets v Bristol Freshers 1200 at Iffley Rd on Wednesday 2nd December

15           James Bennington Lincoln

14           Alex Grundmann Brasenose

13           Scott Geelan Keble

12           Henry Sturgess Hertford

11           Laurent Stephenson Wolfson

10           Tom Dyer St Edmund Hall

9              Seb Haddock St Edmund Hall


1              Dean Irvine St Catherine’s

2              Theo Gough St Peter’s

3              George Summerton Hertford

4              Valentine Taylor Exeter

5              Rob Oliver Corpus Christi

6              Sam Behagg New

7              Fraser Cheetham Hertford

8              Michael Price Lincoln (Capt)


16           Ryan Power St Hugh’s

17           Stephan Jensen Lincoln

18           Max Burgin St Edmund Hall

19           Joseph Murphy Lady Margaret Hall

20           Ravi Ghosh Exeter

21           Rob Balfour St Hilda’s

22           Ben Lyster-Binns Trinity

23           Daniel Soyode Christ Church

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