Greyhounds and Whippets Squads Announced For Saturday’s Fixtures



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The Greyhounds and Whippets continue their progress towards their respective ‘big games’ on Wednesday 29th November on Saturday afternoon with fixtures against the Welsh Academicals and RMA Sandhurst respectively. After last Saturday’s cancelled fixture with Guys Hospital the Whippets will be eager to get back into action as they take on the British Army’s finest Officer Cadets, whilst the Greyhounds are at Iffley Road to take on the exciting talent of Welsh qualified students, both games kick off at 2.00pm

1. Lewis Anderson (Trinity) (c) 2. Josh Nav (Merton) 3. James Calderwood (St Benet’s Hall) 4. George Warr (New) 5. Joe Murphy (Lady Margaret Hall) 6. Ross Toward (St Anne’s) 7. Tristan Louveaux (St Peter’s) 8. Sasha Agureev (Oriel) 9. 10. Tom Dyer (St Edmund Hall) 11. Patrick Haughton (Balliol) 12. James Povey (St Anne’s) 13. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen) 14, Tobi Clarke (Merton) 15. James Dempsey (Corpus Christi)


16. Dan Radigan (St Anne’s) 17. Mike Gorry (Jesus) 18. Ben Parker (Brasenose) 19. Rob Oliver (Corpus Christi) 20. James Graham (Blackfriars) 21. Rob Balfour (St Hilda’s) 22. Kyle Grant (Wadham)


1. Vincent Tang (St Hugh’s) 2. James Somerville (Oriel) 3. Wilf Sandwell (Queen’s) 4. Will Garson (Lady Margaret Hall) Capt. 5. Malachi Rayner-Philipson (Balliol) 6. Dan Mayhew (St Peter’s) 7. Josh Southworth (Pembroke) 8. Ed Gillow (St Edmund Hall) 9. Duncan Smith (Brasenose) 10. Louis Pincott (Queens) 11. Aran Veneik (New) 12. Michael Dunn (Lincoln) 13. George Mason (Magdalen) 14. Julian Manieson (St Peter’s) 15, Hugh Garbutt (New)


16. Jonathan Morley (New) 17. Michael Chamberlain (St Edmund Hall) 18. Liam Peck (St John’s) 19. John Saunders (Magdalen) 20. Peter Hensman (Balliol) 21. Ash Walker (Trinity) 22. Laurent Stephenson (Wolfson) 23.  Michael Diamond (St Peter’s) 24. Hugo Lees (Somerville) 25. Christian Holland (Green Templeton)

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