Blues Squads Announced For Varsity



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At Vincent’s Club on Sunday evening, Captains Conor Kearns and Sophie Behan announced the squads for their respective Varsity Matches to be played at Twickenham Stadium on Thursday 7th December. 

Each Captain has been able to call upon eight players who have played in at least one previous Varsity Match, an experience that could prove critical come the big day.

Men’s Blues

1. John Aaron Henry (Somerville) 2. Ed Elvin (St Hugh’s) 3. Kieran Ball * (Trinity) 4. Lisiate Fifita (St Edmund Hall) 5. Charlie Pozniak (St Benet’s Hall) 6. Rob Talotti (Peter’s) 7. Andy Saull (Kellogg) 8. Will Wilson * (Keble) 9. Tom Kershaw * (Worcester) 10. Conor Kearns * (Jesus) Capt. 11. Ed David * (St Hilda’s) 12. Sam Moorby (Queen’s) 13. Dan Moor # (Christ Church) 14. Tom Stileman * (St Peter’s) 15. Sam Edgerley (St Catherine’s)

16. Will Thornton * (Lady Margaret Hall) 17. Noah Miller (St Peter’s) 18. Ben Parker (Brasenose) 19. Hugo McPherson (Lady Margaret Hall) 20. Ollie Adams (Lady Margaret Hall) 21. Alex Hogg * (Keble) 22. Dom Waldouck (Kellogg) 23. Dan Barley (St Edmund Hall)

Travelling reserve:

Dylan McGagh (Magdalen)

Women’s Blues

1. Hazel Ellender (Pembroke) 2. Anna Bidgood * (University) 3. Hester Odgers * (Lady Margaret Hall) 4. Phoebe Haste (Trinity) 5. Katie Collis (Lincoln) 6. Hannah Cooper * (Worcester) 7 Caitlin McArdle * (Green Templeton) 8. Sophie Behan * (St Edmund Hall) Capt. 9. Pat Metcalfe-Jones * (Christ Church) 10. Johanna Dombrowski (Kellogg) 11. Abby D’Cruz (Keble) 12. Apphia Bunting * (New) 13. Laura Simpson (St Edmund Hall) 14. Violet Smart (Mansfield) 15. Sophie Trott * (Wadham)


16. Gwen Cartwright (New) 17. Vivian Leong (St Hugh’s) 18. Carolina Matte-Gregory (Mansfield) 19. Joanna Male (St Edmund Hall) 20. Susy Rees (Keble) 21. Alice Mingay (Pembroke) 22. Lucy Fenwick (Exeter) 23. Emily Bamber (St Peter’s)

Travelling reserve:

Xanthe Gwyn Palmer (Wadham)

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