Dogs Squads Announced For Varsity & Oxford Derby



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On Wednesday afternoon at Iffley Road the OU Greyhounds will take on the Cambridge LX Club in the Men’s 2nd Varsity Match, KO at 1430 and this will be followed almost immediately by the ‘Oxford Derby’ when the Whippets host Oxford Brookes 2nd XV, KO at 1700.

Entry to the second game will be £2pp.


1. Lewis Anderson (Trinity) 2. Josh Navarajasegaran (Merton) 3. Abhijeet Oswal (St Edmund Hall) 4. George Warr (New) 5. Joe Murphy (Lady Margaret Hall) 6. Sam Miller (St Edmund Hall) 7. Tristan Louveaux (St Peter’s) 8. Ryan Jones (St Edmund Hall) 9. Dylan McGagh (Magdalen) 10. Tom Dyer (St Edmund Hall) 11. Henry Martin (St Benet’s Hall) 12. Jordan Ayling (Magdalen) 13. Seb Haddock (St Edmund Hall) 14. Tobi Clarke (Merton) 15. James Dempsey (Corpus Christi)


16. Dan Radigan (St Anne’s) 17. Mike Gorry (Jesus) 18. James Calderwood (St Benet’s Hall) 19. Sasha Agureev (Oriel) 20. James Graham (Blackfriars) 21. Rob Balfour (St Hilda’s) 22. Rob Quinlan (Jesus) 23. Patrick Haughton (Balliol)

Travelling reserve:

24. Scott Fernquest (Worcester)


1. Vincent Tang (St Hugh’s) 2. Jonathan Morley (New) 3. Wilf Sandwell (Queen’s) 4. Will Garson (Lady Margaret Hall) Captain 5. Charlie Allen (St Edmund Hall) 6.  Liam Peck (St John’s) 7. Ross Toward (St Anne’s) 8. Ed Gillow (St Edmund Hall) 9. Peter Hensman (Balliol) 10. Louis Pincott (Queens) 11. Kyle Grant (Wadham) 12. Scott Fearnquest (Worcester) Vice Captain 13. Greg Neal-Smith (Green Templeton) 14. Laurent Stephenson (Wolfson) 15. Hugh Garbutt (New)

16. James Somerville (Oriel) 17. Chris Murphy (St Cross) 18. Michael Chamberlain (St Edmund Hall) 19. Malachi Rayner-Philipson (Balliol) 20. Josh Southworth (Pembroke) 21. Duncan Smith (Brasenose) 22. Michael Dunn (Lincoln) 23. George Mason (Magdalen)

Travelling reserves:

24. Angus Irving (Christ Church)
25. Arran Veneik (New)

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