1967 Blues Team Return to Iffley Road



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The 1967 and 2017 teams join forces at Iffley Road

Captain Bob Phillips (Corpus Christi) and 12 of his 1967 Blues team returned to Oxford in early December to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of their Varsity Match. The team, many accompanied by their wives, enjoyed lunch and dinner at the Vincent’s Club, interjected with a visit to Iffley Road – for many their first return to the ground since they left university in 1968! Another two made it to Twickenham on the Thursday – an excellent return 50 years on!

2017 Captain Conor Kearns (Jesus) and members of the current squad joined the 1967 team in the Pavilion for a cup of tea and to exchange stories about their own Oxford experiences, highlighting what makes being a part of OURFC so special. Whilst everyone strives for victory at Twickenham, the journey undertaken and the lifelong friendships made are ultimately more important than a Varsity win, loss or draw.

We look forward to many more such occasions as teams celebrate anniversaries in the years to come.

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