Women’s Blues Tour Diary Part 1



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We started our preseason tour in Oxford, with a contact session on Wednesday evening led by Anna B – what a great way to get back into the groove of rugby after being apart for the summer. Once everyone had arrived we shared the stories of our summers over the wonderful dinner Nina had prepared for us. By the time this was finished, and our bags were repacked into our new matching Rhino kit bags the thought of our 5am start the following morning began to loom over us and we were ready for our sleepover in the Pavilion. Roll mats were blown up and the chat died down. Just one more sleep to Barcelona.

All too quickly the sound of the alarm echoed through the Pav. The lights had to be turned on very slowly and one by one we exited our sleeping bags. Soon enough we were all onboard the coach and on our way to Gatwick. Once we arrived, our bags were checked in and we got through security without a hitch. We had just enough time for a pre 9am Nando’s before our flight departed. Getting off the flight in Spain we were hit by the heat, meaning we all removed our jumpers to reveal our matching OURFC crown T-shirts, what a squad!

By the time we had got to the hotel and got to our rooms we were ready to explore. We brought tram tickets and headed to the beach but the only thing on any of our minds was finding food. Having not eaten since 9 am, (it was coming up to 5pm by this time) we wanted something big. So we found Turkish and Greek wraps and ate them in the sizzling Barcelona sun… All was well…until Katie D dropped her garlic mayo onto Abby’s bare toes. Now we really had to find the sea. Although there’s always time for an ice cream – thankfully this wasn’t dropped on Abby’s toes!

The beach was great. We sunbathed, we went swimming, we would’ve played rugby, but we didn’t have a pump for our balls. No doubt we will be playing enough rugby over this week to make up for it. Our OURFC family were coming together and already supporting each other; Lucy M began to teach Shekinah to swim in the sea, cheered on by the others in between their mad acrobatic flips and wrestling games.

All in all it was a great start to tour – time now for an early bed ready for the rugby to start tomorrow.

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