Women’s Blues Tour Diary Part 2



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So the girls woke up on Friday morning, went to the gym, played some rugby and then went to the beach. This is where the real roller-coaster begins. Sit down and buckle up because it is certainly a ride.

We had just completed water recovery which the locals loved (nearly as much as us – thanks Liam). And then….. THEN!!!! A massive seagull, about the size of a second row, swooped down to the shoreline where it plucked something small out of the water and proudly dumped it into the sand. There was much debate about what could the bird possibly be rolling around. We found out moments later it was a rat…. yes…. you heard… A RAT. There was then a mixed discussion about whether it was still alive. It wasn’t. Captain D’Cruz then tried to blag that it was a water rat. Abby these are not a thing in the Med, I’m sorry. But Katie Collis said its more likely than a toad in the hole!

Then BAM. Another bird swoops in wanting a bit of water rat action. But in the persisting kerfuffle the rat was returned to its watery home. Some girls ran. Some stayed in the sea in shock. But don’t worry the day was saved by the local bin men who honourably removed the corpse from its watery grave. There was clapping. There was cheering. We were full of mixed emotions, partly relieved that we didn’t have to negotiate the etiquette of dealing with a body in foreign lands, partly happy that we weren’t sharing our recovery with a small rodent, but mainly sad to see him go.

So to end our day could we all take a moments silence to mourn the loss of our fallen comrade – Ratty.

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