Weekends Greyhounds & Whippets Squads Announced



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Greyhounds v Birmingham University 

On Saturday afternoon, the Greyhounds make the trip up the M40 to take on a Birmingham University side, kick off at 2pm.

Starting XV:

1 B Vaughan (Corpus Christi) 2 L Wright (Trinity) 3 J Mash (Regent’s Park) 4 Ollie Adams * (Lady Margaret Hall) 5 J Heeney (Linacre) 6 E Gillow (St Edmund Hall) 7 W Barker Keble) 8 E Friend (University) 9 J Kearney (St Peter’s) 10 L Jackson (Oriel) 11 J Manieson (St Peter’s) 12 S Fernquest (Worcester) 13 M Dunn (Lincoln) 14 P Haughton (Balliol) 15 T Clarke (Merton)


16 B MacKenzie (Green Templeton) 17 M Gorry Jesus) 18 TBC 19 W Garson (Lady Margaret Hall) 20 J Saunders (Magdalen) 21 L Pincott (Queen’s) 22  L Ignatius (Hertford)

Whippets v RAF U23’s 

On Sunday afternoon, the Whippets travel to RAF Halton to take on the RAF U23’s, kick off 2pm.

Starting XV:

1 W Sandwell (Queen’s) 2 T Auckland (New) 3 M Bowman (Somerville) 4 J Evans (St Anne’s) 5 C Allen (St Edmund Hall) 6 F MacDonald-Lister (Keble) 7 J Southworth (Pembroke) 8 J Briggs (Balliol) 9 P Hensman (Balliol 10 L Butcher (Keble) 11 M Baeker (Magdalen) 12 H Hackett (Christ Church) 13 G Mason (Magdalen) 14 A Shaw (Corpus Christi) 15 B Keats (Worcester)


16 F Stocker (St John’s) 17 I Uwins (St Hilda’s) 18 M Chamberlain (St Edmund Hall) 19 R Green (Worcester) 20 T Stuart (Oriel) 21 K Smith (Lincoln) 22 D Smith (Oriel) 23 C Foster (St Antony’s)

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