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Saturday was a mixed afternoon for the Dogs squads, with the Whippets rattling up a half century of points as they defeated a young Henley U20’s side by 52 points to 5, whilst the Greyhounds lost to an experienced Barnes 2nd XV by 31 points to 22.

Both squads still have plenty to work on in training this week as they look forward to welcoming Bath Freshers and the Kew Occasionals to Iffley Rd next Saturday afternoon.

Greyhounds v Barnes 2nds

Team Abhijeet Oswal, Bernie MacKenzie, Niel Naude, Will Garson, Jack Heeney, Will Barker, Joe McGrail, Sam Ridgway, Andrew Abraham, Louis Pincott, Julian Manieson, Scott Fernquest, Michael Dunn, Patrick Haughton, Henry Martin

Subs Vincent Tang (on for Abhijeet Oswal), James Mash (on for Niel Naude), Malachi Rayner-Philipson (on for Jack Heeney), Eddie Gillow (on for Joe McGrail), Joe Kearney (on for Louis Pincott), Luca Ignatius (on for Scott Fernquest)

Scores T: Sam Ridgway (1), Joe Kearney (1), Scott Fernquest (1) C: Andrew Abraham (1), Louis Pincott (1) P: Louis Pincott (1)

Whippets v Henley U20’s

Team Barney Vaughan, Felix Stocker , Michael Gorry, Josh Evans, Charlie Allen, John Saunders, Josh Southworth, Alex Pritchard, Peter Hensman, Luke Butcher, Mark Baeker, Henry Hackett, George Mason , Arron Shaw, Nick Etherington

Subs Wilfred Sandwell (on for Felix Stocker ), Max Bowman (on for Michael Gorry), Isaac Uwins (on for Barney Vaughan), Reuben Green (on for Josh Evans), Tim Stuart (on for Charlie Allen), Ellis Parry

Scores T: Peter Hensman (2), Nick Etherington (2), Josh Southworth (1), George Mason (1), Mark Baeker (1), Isaac Uwins (1) C: Luke Butcher (6)

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