Women’s Blues Squad Announced To Face Cardiff Metropolitan University



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On Wednesday evening, immediately following the Annual Major Stanley’s Match, the Women’s Blues will host Cardiff Metropolitan University in a BUCS Premier South League fixture. With just two games to follow this before Varsity, Captain Abby D’Cruz and Head Coach Kevin Moggridge have made some changes form last week giving opportunities for players to put their hand up for selection in the 23 that will travel to Twickenham in December.
Kick-off is at 6.00pm with entry free
Starting XV:

1. Hazel Ellender 2. Susy Rees 3. Gwen Cartwright 4. Desiree Vodounon 5. Shekina Opara 6. Katie Collis 7. Zoe Durbin 8. Hannah Cooper (VC) 9. Anna Bidgood (C) 10. Fiona Kennedy 11. Helen Potts (VC) 12. Megan Wellens 13. Laura Simpson 14. Zoe Nunn 15. Connie Hurton


16. Sydney Sopher 17. Honor Murison 18. Fran Roxburgh 19. Katie Dennison 20. Megan Wellens 21. Charly Eaton Hart 22. Hatty Wigginton

Kehinde Lawal

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