Panthers squad announced to face Streatham & Croydon



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On Saturday the Panthers continue their preparations for the Women’s 2nd XV Varsity Match at Grange Road on Saturday 2nd March with a visit to club side Streatham & Croydon, kick off is 1230 a t159 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, CR7 7JP.

Starting XV: 

1. Jo Male (St Edmunds Hall) 2. Mundie Lawrence (St Anne’s) 3. Jess Woods (Worcester) 4. Lucy Miles (C) (Keble) 5. Francesca Roxburgh (VC) (St Anne’s) 6. Carla Schmidt (New) 7. Zoe Durbin (Lady Margaret Hall) 8. Milly Cohen (Jesus) 9. Charly Eaton-Hart (St Anne’s) 10. Nina Jenkins (Keble) 11. Lucy Fenwick (Exeter) 12. Meg Carter (Lincoln) 13. Meg Wellens (VC) (Christ Church) 14. Kehinde Lawal (St Catherine’s) 15. Maddie Hindson (Keble)


16. Claire Castle (Keble) 17. Ruby James (Worcester) 18. Meryem Arik (Somerville) 19. Ailsa Clark (Worcester) 20. Desiree Vodounon (Hertford) 21. Lucy Manly (New) 22. Zoe Heighes (Keble) 23. Zoe Nunn (St Peter’s)

Travelling Reserve:

Joss Barker (Exeter)

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