RFU policy for the participation of transgender 7 non-binary gender players



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Rugby Union is considered a ‘sport for all’ and we always seek to ensure that anyone who wishes to play the game should be able to do so without prejudice. Whilst there are certain considerations regarding transgender people playing the game, the RFU wishes to establish a framework which enables all players to enjoy playing in the category of rugby consistent with their gender identity.

The RFU has produced a policy to manage enquiries on the participation of transgender people in rugby union. The RFU transgender policy is aligned with the respective policies of World Rugby and the International Olympic Committee.

People who recognise themselves as transgender or non-binary gender should contact the RFU to discuss their specific case. The RFU has supported a number of transgender players who are enjoying playing rugby in a positive and supportive environment.

If you have any queries regarding the RFU transgender policy please contact richardnunn@rfu.com .

The RFU Transgender Policy is available here.


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