Men’s Blues squad to face Sydney University in 3rd/4th place play-off match



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On Monday 23rd September the Men’s Blues play their final match of the 2019 World University Invitation Tournament when they play Sydney University in the 3rd/4th place play-off match at the Kamiigusa Ground, Tokyo kick-off at 1pm. In the final match of the play Sydney Uni edged the Blues out scoring a try with the final play of the match to win by 10 points to 8, so the Blues will be looking to reverse that result and finish the tour with a win.

1 E Friend (Univ) 2 A Oswal (SEH) 3 B Parker * (BNC) 4 C Haggett (Magd) Capt 5 G Warr * (New) 6 S Ridgway (St Antony’s) 7 H Watson (SEH) 8 R Jones * (SEH) 9 J Dalton (Keble) 10 O Quinn (Some) 11 H Martin * (STB) 12 H Hackett (Magd) 13 S Haddock (SEH) 14 T Stileman * (Ch Ch) 15 P Moore (Kellogg)

* Denotes Blues

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