Greyhounds defeat United Hospitals



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Greyhounds 42 United Hospitals 5

Team James Mash, Louis Wright, Conor Hennessy, Will Garson, Piers Von Dadelzen, William Thornton, Will Barker, Sam Ridgway, Angus White, David Wilkinson, Tobi Clarke, Luke Butcher, Louis Pincott, Rob Quinlan, Peter Moore

Subs Sam Green (on for Louis Wright), Gus Conningham (on for James Mash), Felix Stocker (on for Conor Hennessy), Charlie Papworth (on for Will Barker), Findlay Thompson (on for Angus White), Arron Shaw (on for Luke Butcher), Mark Baecker (on for Rob Quinlan), Chris Annous (on for Peter Moore), Peter Strain

Scores T: William Thornton (1), Tobi Clarke (1), Luke Butcher (1), Peter Moore (1) C: David Wilkinson (2) P: David Wilkinson (3)

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