Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott doing his bit down under



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Former Australian Prime Minister, who represented OURFC in the early eighties and also won a boxing Blue, Tony Abbott has been pulling his weight to help those affected by the horrific bush fires sweeping the country. Mr Abbott, who volunteers with the Ingleside Rural Fire Service Brigade on Sydney’s northern beaches, was filmed joining his colleagues as they attempted to stop the flames from reaching neighbouring properties.

Reports stated that Mr Abbott and his fellow firefighters had to cope with temperatures hitting 45C, they managed to successfully save all the houses on Curvers Drive at Manyana on the south coast. “Tony used breathing apparatus on four occasions on Saturday including at two structure fires,” the post said. “Great to see Tony working hard as he always does when he volunteers with the RFS. Our Ingleside Strike Team Leader and his team, including our former Prime Minister Tony Abbott were first into the street. A number of fire trucks were deployed into the street. Sheds and caravans were lost, but all houses were saved. All up, northern beaches put in nine tankers to Bendalong and Manyana working with local RFS and (Fire and Rescue) strike teams,” the report said.

OURFC would like to send their best wishes to all those who have been affected by the fires and sincerely hope that some much need rain will come soon.

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