OURFC stands against racism



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OURFC stands against any and all forms of racism, including anti-blackness. None of these have a place in our sport or club. OURFC can and will do more to support our black and people of colour members.

We have begun a process of engaging with current and former members, to provide thoughts and input into how best we can facilitate an inclusive environment. Whilst this initiative is ongoing, the club has focused on three initial main areas in its approach, to ensure that positive steps can be taken to ensure we have a diverse and informed playing base.

Engage, Educate & Recruit


Having started engaging with our current playing community and stakeholders, we will ensure that we are able to reach out to our recent alumni, to provide a complete picture of our environment, to reflect on the positive and improving elements needed to ensure we are fostering inclusion.


The playing officers of the club will implement a plan of educational engagement, both formally and informally across the playing groups, discussing areas that are promoting inclusion, specifically around race and gender. This implementation will manifest itself through formal settings such as external workshops on racial equality and informally also to ensure our code of conduct continues to be lived and breathed within our club.


OURFC will engage with sports clubs and other societies at Oxford, providing an introduction to rugby programme and finding an appropriate level of participation, either through the College system or through the university club. OURFC is compiling an outreach programme to a variety of schools, to increase the scope and breadth of its recruitment engagements, offering advice and guidance to students that cater for each individual person’s resources that are available to them. It is hoped that this will drive an increase of applications from a diverse range of students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

We recognise that this is a starting point, there is work to be done to ensure our playing representatives are fully engaged and educated, whilst providing an opportunity to open and expand our membership towards a more diverse environment.

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