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The Panthers squad for the 2021 Women’s 2nd XV Varsity Match has been announced and will be led by centre Imogen Kilcoyne of St John’s. Kick-off is 1pm at Grange Road, Cambridge on Sunday 27th June with entry free. Please note there is no parking at the ground and you will need to scan the NHS QR Code on arrival.

Starting XV:

1 Amber Wilkins (Lady Margaret Hall) 2 Alice Ardis (St Catherine’s) 3 Juliette Shorey (St Hilda’s) 4 Sarah Haynes (University) 5 Eleanor Dunlop (Keble) 6 Beth Nott (Brasenose) 7 Albany Summers (St John’s) 8 Maddy Tung (Oriel) 9 Maddy Tung (Oriel) 10 Ailsa Clark (Worcester) 11 Martha Rigby (Queens) 12 Imogen Kilcoyne (St John’s) Captain 13 Lily Phillips (New) 14 Charlotte George (St Catherine’s)  15 Maria Watt (St Catherine’s)


16 Joss Barker (Exeter) 17 Milly Cohen (Jesus) 18 Andrea Rodriguez (Green Templeton) 19 Polly Brown (Oriel) 20 Catrin Williams (Magdalen) 21 Stefania Karlsdottir (Hertford) 22 Emiko Bell (Lady Margaret Hall) 23 Nia Fenn (Keble)

Travelling reserves:

Lauren Preece (Lady Margaret Hall) Emma Millar (Keble)

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