Marcus Dahl is isolating for UNICEF-COVAX



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By Luke Milsom

Marcus Dahl (OURFC Touch) decided that getting infected once with Covid, just wasn’t enough to really get the full experience — and so he managed to convince some doctors to re-infect him… for science… and in Marcus’s case, charity.

As the man himself says:

“Today (16 July), I have entered isolation as a participant in Oxford’s world-first coronavirus reinfection challenge trial. I will isolate for 4 days at home and then for at least 17 days in hospital, where my immune system will be studied after being given a dose of live Covid-19. On my discharge from quarantine in 3 weeks, I will receive £2,000 ($3,700 Aussies) of compensation money which I will donate fully to this UNICEF-COVAX Vaccinaid fundraiser.

But by that time, I am hoping that my donation is the cherry on top of a great fundraiser that brings together family, friends, and friends of friends. The WHO estimates that the total delivery cost of delivering each vaccine dose in the COVAX scheme is only £1.20. So, I am asking my family and friends to aim up with me and do something cool. In the 3 weeks I’m in isolation, let’s fund the delivery of 5,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to where they are needed the most.

You can read about COVAX here:

Members of the public, through the Vaccinaid campaign, have already raised over £5mn for this cause:;

For more information about the challenge trial, you can read here:”

Link to the fundraiser:

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