Player's Profile:

Rob Quinlan

Wing (Right), Wing (Left), Full-back
DPhil Medicinal Chemistry
University Course
Previous University
University of Edinburgh
Current Team
Men’s Squad
Past Teams
Men’s Greyhounds Varsity 2017, Men’s Greyhounds Varsity 2018, Oxbridge U23s 2017
2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021

Rob arrived many moons ago, after playing lots of rugby and studying a little chemistry in Edinburgh. It is thought that he has been a student for the longest time of anyone in history, some experts estimate as long as 38 years. Since he’s been a student for so long, he has had a lot of time to discover what girls like and learn just enough about these topics to hold a conversation giving him this ‘cultured vibe’. He brings experience, maturity and a hairline beat only by Louis Wright to the club and is well liked by all, especially the netball club. On the pitch there is nothing Rob loves more than running from deep on a kick return. He likens himself to Stuart Hogg and watches squidge rugby’s analysis of him every night before bed whilst humming Flower of Scotland in his tartan sheets. In fact, Rob thinks most other parts of the game are redundant. He believes scrums are only there to give him a chance to recharge the batteries for the next kick return and that forwards only really exist as slow-moving obstacles for him to step. He insists he has only been caught on a kick return once and that his hair was so badly ruffled he swore he would never be caught again. If he ever is caught again he has promised to post about on his Instagram in-between a few arty snaps of him on summer walks or him cooking a 2 Michelin star meal.

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