Player's Profile:

Sam Miller

Flanker (Open)
St Edmund's Hall
University Course
Materials Science
Current Team
Men’s Squad
Past Teams
Men’s Blues Varsity 2018, Men’s Blues Varsity 2019, Men’s Greyhounds Varsity 2017, Men’s U20s 2018, Oxbridge U23s 2019
2017/2018, 2018/2019, 2019/2020, 2020/2021

In 2016, OURFC began to hear whispers that part of the next years matriculating class was a phenom on the rugby pitch. The captain of England Counties u18, he was freakishly strong, due to a condition that meant he “couldn’t use the gym because he puts on too much muscle”. We witnessed this first hand when he terrorised the Blues in two games during his gap year, announcing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Instead, we got Sam Miller. Not shackled by the limitations of an Adonis-like figure, he was able to throw himself into all aspects of University life, styling himself like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, with all of the hair and none of the charm. Since then, on the odd occasion he ventures beyond Teddy Hall, he’s been an integral member of the Blues squad. This is mainly by facilitating access to the lovely food cooked by his mum Becky and gran Manny, who over the course of two breakfasts have provided more value to the squad than Sam has over four years.

The promise he showed in his gap year has certainly been realised; arguably one of the Blues’ best players during their successful 2018 Varsity campaign, Sam has been an incredible asset to the squad since he arrived and lifts the standards of all around him. Off the field, he had the task of filling Ollie Adams’ literally but unfortunately not figuratively big shoes as social secretary, which he used as an opportunity to host drinks for his mates on the clubs dime. Graciously, he allowed some of us to also join. Despite us never eating lasagne post-training because Sam couldn’t spell it, he fostered a great club environment and made it a fantastic place to be, something he continues to do in his final year. A wonderful guy all round, and if nothing else, OURFC ticket revenues are grateful for the legions of Teddy Hall students that follow him to each game.

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