2021/22 Committee

President/Captain: Gus McMahon

HI!! I’m Gus, I’m a 2nd year Classicist at Somerville, and I’m super excited to be your President of OURFC Touch for the next year! If you want an interesting fact about me it’s probably that I’m an absolute sucker for some stash, so expect plenty of opportunities to get some Touch stash over the next year…

Social Sec: William Sabelo-Emmett Luce

I’m William a second year Political Economist at Conted. I am the current OURFC Touch Social Sec. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you all at one of the many socials events in the up and coming year. The interesting fact about myself is, aged ten I managed to chip three and a half teeth during a frisbee accident. I soon learnt that smiling isn’t a substitute for catching!

Treasurer: Alice Epps

I’m a third year (so going into 4th year in September) medical student at St Hilda’s. Struggling to think of a fun fact but maybe that I had never played any rugby before coming to uni

Club Secretary: Emily Townsend

Hi, I’m Emily, a 3rd year (going into 4th year in September) chemist at St Hilda’s college. I played Touch rugby cuppers in the first year and then rediscovered my love of the sport this year. I would recommend the club to anyone who’s interested in a fun, social and low commitment university sport. I’ve made so many friends this year, and so am really excited to be the new OURFC Touch secretary along with Haley!

Club Secretary: Haley Flower

Heya! I’m Haley, a first year studying German at Somerville, and this year’s OURFC Touch co-secretary along with the lovely Emily. I’ve only been playing touch since coming to Oxford but absolutely love it (and its social aspect!!) I’d highly encourage coming along to try it out, you’ll meet some fab people and have a lot of fun!

High Performance Coach: Luke Milsom

Hi I’m Luke Milsom

Course: PhD Economics
Year: 3rd
College: University
Interesting fact: I’ve played (and won) every touch varsity, ever.

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